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Architectural design, visualization, & documentation 


One of the most valuable aspects of commisioning W3

is you will work with one NZ Registered Architect / Director from start to finish of your project.

Sammy will provide consulting at all your meetings, and will 3D model and draw

all of your design, documentation, and details himself.

This enables a high quality, well coordinated & efficient service and product for clients.



W3 provides a bespoke design service, 

for residential, community, and small commercial buildings and interiors 

to help improve your quality of life.

We listen to your ideas, imagine new possibilities,

and add value through quality design.

We design, draw, plan and model your building to a high level of accuracy and detail,

and create spaces which serve purpose, embrace emotion,

and are beautifully pleasant to be in and around.


Your design will be inspired by artistic concepts

and grounded in sophisticated design principles,

which will result in interesting and enduring architecture.

We highly value our natural environment

and always aim to reduce our impact on it,

in the process your building is built, inhabited and sustained.


Our clients range from families wishing to improve or build their homes with varying budgets and requirements,

to larger organisations and developers managing multiple buildings and spaces.

We enjoy working with clients and developers who design, build, use, and maintain their buildings,

we have found the most successful projects 
have been when all parties have a long term investment in their buildings.

As part of our research and innovation,

we also design and build collaborative digital worlds accessible via virtual reality

where we can enter together and design. 

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