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Sammy Ho


NZ Registered Architect

Masters of Architecture (Prof.) (Hons.1)
Bachelor of Architectural Studies


Sammy has had over a decade of experience 

practicing architecture in Aotearoa New Zealand.

He has worked on residential, community, and commercial projects 

ranging from $90k to $300m nzd.

He has worked with some of the most talented architects in Aotearoa 

and developed a high level of skill in

creative architectural concepts,

refined detailed design,

clear accurate 3D information modeling and technical drawings systems,

smooth and high quality virtual reality experiences 

and managing and coordinating the architectural design and build process.

​W3 is an NZIA practice member,

an incorporated society which acquires and shares knowledge to advance the practice of Architecture.

Sammy is a Registered Architect under the NZRAB statutory entity, where architects are bound by a code of ethics and required to stay current through professional development activities.

He also holds a Masters in Architecture with First Class Honours from the University of Auckland,

and has also lectured Design at the Unitec School of Architecture.


While working as a graduate at other architecture practices, 
Sammy desired to be more creative and impactful.
This led him to start his own practice where he could create art and design architecture
in a more free and creative way.   

During a working holiday in 2017 in Stockholm Sweden, 
He began researching and co-creating an immersive art theatre
as part of a developer’s sustainable urban development model,
and founded W3 & W3 Collective.

During this time, he designed
‘an artistic game played between our physical and digital world’.
which he prototyped the beta version with their community of artists.

Following this, Sammy was commisioned by Swedens leading developer Atrium Ljungberg,

to design the logo for their pioneering district in Sickla - Nobelberget

Sammy now uses gamification as a tool to assist with his clients, architectural designs, 
and the ongoing development of his practice.

He hopes to help improve the way we 
design, document and build more sustainable buildings,
and bridge the gaps & risks between clients, consultants and contractors in Aotearoa.

His architecture is hugely inspired by his time in Sweden, 
extremely practical, balanced proportions, quality materials, strong form, and tidy details.
A Lagom approach - “not too little, not too much”.
He respects and adopts their long term thinking towards relationships & sustainability.


Our Architecture practice is driven by our art.

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