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We are pleased to share our recently completed project,
“So Fresh, So Clean”

A new home on a very modest budget - our approach was to embrace Leonardo Da Vinci's quote “ simplicity the ultimate sophistication”. We focused on designing the fundamentals well, and worked hard to create a clean and balanced sculptural form. By limiting construction complexity, we could reallocate the budget to more high-end features and details, to lift the overall architectural experience.

These included the invisible flush garage door to express the clean sculptural form, the front door cedar soffit which extends into the entry foyer to welcome you into the home, a highly crafted timber stair screen as an artistic centerpiece connecting the downstairs and upstair spaces, and a level floor transition for a more seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor living space (perfect for kids scootering around the house).

Sustainability here is in rainwater collection, durable low maintenance materials, and less is lower carbon.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project, especially the client's who put in a massive effort all the way through.

Completed 2024

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