I turn and walk through the window and drop a metre with no groundshock
Standing on the driveway I am greeted with portals into the present, past, and future
A basketball, racquet, footing, and hoop, all reflecting off a floating 3 metre mirror

Warmest welcome to OURCOLLECTIVE.SPACE

played between out physical and digital world
through offline and online experiences

Sammy Ho has been designing & building OURCOLLECTIVE.SPACE since its inception in 2017.
A cocreation art game & virtual reality world to assist with real world sustainable processes.

Please feel free to contact Sammy
If you would like a tour through our digital office
and a SPACE custom built to your requests.
Sammy provides technical consulting to provide you the equipment, train your team,
and build, host and maintain your SPACE

Sustainability here is in more meaningful human connections,
and local circular economy.